PowerFields: Who are We?

December 1, 2022 by
Mike Gais

Powerfields is an ever growing fence company specializing in SAFE-FENCE a product designed for the safety and wellbeing of horses. Powerfields also carries a number of other fencing products making us a leading distributor of high quality products meant to last.

Founded in 1992 Powerfields began as the J.L. Williams Company. PowerFields was created in 2009 as an all-inclusive brand for an assortment of poly-fencing material. In 2014 Powerfields introduced a new line of electric fence energizers keeping with the company’s history of high quality products for the ever changing field of agriculture. The most recent change to Powerfields was in 2015 when Kencove, a privately owned fence company located in Blairsville, PA acquired the company.

Under the direction of Kencove, Powerfields has continued to grow not only in size but also in product variation. Powerfields is now able to provide single vendor sourcing for poly fencing and steel wire installation products. Powerfields is able to control all manufacturing processes from the raw material to the finished product. Ensuring, products are held to the brand’s high standards.

Although Powerfields is now a part of Kencove Farm Fence, it continues to operate autonomously as a seperate division. Since the merge Powerfields has achieved double digit growth. Powerfields poly products are still manufactured in the Caldwell facility located in Caldwell Idaho, and the warehouse located in Blairsville PA, operated under Kencove Farm Fence has expanded its operation to keep up with the demand for electric netting and wire production. Both facilities have plans for further expansion.

 Along with Powerfields well known poly tape and poly wire, Powerfields carries a wide array of products for all types of livestock and equine. However, our most notable product is SAFE-FENCE. SAFE-FENCE is a permanent perimeter electric fence for horses. With a 750lb break strength this product is stronger and safer than typical vinyl rail and wire products. 

Kencove has also acquired numerous other brands in their pursuit of providing the highest quality agricultural fencing products. The Powerfields brand joins others such as KIWI, Pasture PRO, and Nitro Post Drivers to continually provide high quality agricultural products to farmers and ranchers just like you. For more information feel free to contact us at 1-800-843-3702 we’d love to help you out and meet all your agricultural fencing needs! 

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