December 1, 2022 by
Mike Gais

In traditional electric fences, a conductor (wire) carries a charge from the energizer around the entire fence. When a horse touches the wire, the circuit is completed, thus giving a memorable reminder not to touch again. Designed with the safety of horses in mind, polytape operates in this same fashion as traditional fences. It is woven with conductive wire strands that carry a charge along the fence.

SAFE-FENCE is a superior, USA-made, 1½” polytape specifically designed for stand-alone equine enclosures. It is made by weaving 15 strands of durable, 12-mil, stainless-steel wire conductors with 33 strands of 20-mil, UV-stabilized, polyethylene monofilament for a long-lasting and attractive fence. It is the only polytape on the market with a 20-year limited warranty against deterioration due to weather or workmanship when installed correctly.

Polytape originated due to the vision restrictions of horses. Horses have trouble with depth perception, making it difficult to see a single-strand fence. Not only is polytape a psychological barrier, but also a visual barrier. Safety is the main priority when creating a horse fence. Polytape fences are much safer, and will cause significantly less injuries if impacted by a spooked horse. Polytape fences are constructed by joining lengths of polytape with splice buckles, which will pull apart when impacted so horses do not become entangled. 

Repair is hardly ever more than a broken insulator or stretched webbing, which is easily retightened at the tensioner. If tape is ever torn, it is easily repaired by replacing the length and joining with a stainless-steel splice buckle.

When constructing a polytape fence (SAFE-FENCE) be sure to use the correct splice buckles, tape insulators, and tensioners to ensure the safety of the horse and meet warranty qualifications. Only use with low-impedance fence energizers.

SAFE-FENCE combines electricity, attractiveness, safety, and easy installation and maintenance at a price three-times less than wood fences. And remember, it is backed by a 20-year limited warranty.

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