What is Electric Net Fence?

December 1, 2022 by
Mike Gais
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Powerfields USA-made electric netting is an electrifiable, already-assembled, portable fence. It is purchased in a roll complete with built-in line posts. Fence construction can be complete in 10 minutes and is as simple as unrolling, stepping in the posts, and attaching a fence energizer. Portable electric net fences make rotational grazing, handling small-scale herds, and backyard poultry simpler. Advantages of rotational herd or flock movement are breaking parasite cycles, providing fresher forage, and allowing time for the replenishment of pastures. 

Electric net fences are an innovation to this style of animal management, allowing quick, easy and secure grazing areas to assembled and moved regularly. Multiple nets can be joined to create larger grazing areas. These systems come in a variety of colors, lengths, and configurations. 

Electric net fence is woven with electric twine held by insulated posts.The twine is made of twisted, UV-stabilized plastic polymer strands and highly conductive metal strands. When hooked up to a suitably-sized (min. of .25 joule per net), low-impedance energizer the metal strands within the net twine carry electrical pulses that will give an unpleasant shock to any grounded animal that touches the fence. A memorable shock will deter all non-flying predators from the outside, and stop animals from challenging the fence on the inside.

The graduated spacing of the horizontal lines is very effective at discouraging predators, garden intruders and containing small animals. Horizontal lines are spaced closer together at the bottom and farther apart at the top, creating smaller openings near the bottom on the net.

Portable electric net fence should always be kept electrified if it is erected. If the net is not electrified there is a risk of animal entanglement. Rodents can also chew damaging the electric wires. To prevent electrical shorting during weed growth, the bottom line is non-conductive. Be sure to keep the fence clear of heavy vegetation and debris. When used correctly electric netting is a portable, practical, and effective enclosure.

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