The SAFE-FENCE Electric System is your best choice for permanent perimeter equine electric fence. With 750 pound break strength it is stronger than 2x6 board, vinyl rail and most wire products. With a 20 year limited warranty it will provide excellent value over time. Safe-Fence has been produced since 1992 with over 25,000 miles sold. 

For interior cross fencing Powerfields 1 1/2" or 1" tape is an economical option. It is also an excellent choice to electrify existing rigid perimeter fences such as wood or vinyl rail, non-climb or high tensile and smooth or barbed wire. When Safe-Fence is used for the perimeter fence it is often used for the interior applications as well as to maintain a compatible appearance. 

Powerfields 2 inch polytape is the strongest polytape available. It is an excellent product for arenas and round pens or for larger pastures separating cattle from horses.

Hotrope or Hotbraid are most often used for perimeter fencing on large properties or for hard to keep animals. They are much stronger than the tapes at 1000 and 1200 pound break strength, but due to

this increased strength and cross-laid wire exposure their safety with horses is a concern. Should horses that get entangled in these products, especially young ones, they can easily experience cuts and burns that would not commonly occur with tape. It is an economical high strength option but should be used with caution for horse containment and is not intended for small paddocks or runs.