Fence Energizers

The energizer creates the heartbeat of your fence system by providing the electric current that flows through your fence wires. Energizers come in many styles including AC (
100V plug), DC (Battery Powered), Solar, or a combination to allow flexibility.

Read Understanding Joules to better understand everything that goes into powering your fence line from the energizer.

Powerfields Fence Energizers are warranted to be free from faulty workmanship or materials. The warranty inlcudes failure due to remote lightening strikes, but excludes direct strikes to the fence energizer itself. The warranty period is 36 months from the date of original purchase. 12 months in-store exchange, 24 months repair.

You may also want to use the below table to choose the energizer that is correct for your job. When selecting an energizer, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Power source and location of fence
  • Species to contain or exclude
  • Length of fence
  • Number of wire