Garden and Landscape

When protecting your garden from pests, the Powerfields Electric Netting is a great, self contained fencing that is an attractive solution. It is ideal for smaller setups or connect nets together for larger setups. Powerfields offers a variety of nets, both Posi/Neg and standard Electric Netting. Nets can be powered with any energizer with 0.25 Joule per net.
To accommodate larger or custom shaped areas, Powerfields' Polywire fencing can be used with our Portable Fence Posts.
When energizing your garden fencing, Powerfields has a wide variety of energizers for whatever setup you have. All of Powerfields' energizers are backed with a 3 Year Warranty.

  • Powerfield's Solar Energizers are powered by an internal 12 volt battery, trickle charged by the built in solar panel. Install this on a T-post or a South/southwest facing wall for non-stop energizing.

  • Powerfields offers a variety of 110-Volt AC Energizersincluding standard 0.5 Joule to 2.0 Joule and Dual-Zone energizers for larger operations. Powerfields AC energizers are equipped with power surge, and radio interference protection.

  • Powerfields AC/DC Energizers allows the user to operate from either a 12-volt battery or 110-volt AC power source. They are powerful, versatile, and perfect for transitions between temporary fences to a perminent fence without the expense of a second energizer.

  • Powerfields DC Energizers operate from a 12-volt external battery. A deep-cycle, marine-style battery provides the best results for the powerful and versatile energizers.

  • The 0.04 Joule Trail is powered by 2 D-Cell batteries and has a unique wind and rain-resistant case with a built-in fence hook.