Since 1990, with over 25,000 miles in use, Safe-Fence has been the #1 electric...


Powerfields provides superior quality polytapes designed to accommodate a wide variety of livestock containment....


Powerfields Hotrope and Hot Braid provides a strong, durable and highly visible electric barrier that...


Powerfields polywire is the right product to quickly section pastures for rotational grazing or electrify...


The variety of POWERFIELDS insulators will make sure you have the right insulator for your electric fence...

Rope and Polywire Insulators, Polytape Insulators, Safe-Fence Insulators, Fence Wire Insulators


Specific Hardware that will work best for installing a gate in your electric fence system.


All the necessary tools and pieces to put your electric fence together.

Rope and Polywire Hardware, Polytape Hardware, Safe-Fence Hardware, Grounding Hardware, Handles


Powerfields Fence Energizers are warranted to be free from faulty workmanship or materials. The warranty...

110 Volt AC, Battery Operated DC, AC/DC Dual Input, Solar 12 Volt


Specific Hardware that will work for all your electric connections, for underground connections and gates.


Easy to set up, easy to take down, here is everything needed for portable or temporary fences.  


The Powerfields Essentials line offers high-tensile wire and all the tools, hardware, and accessories...

Fence Wire Tools, Fence Wire Fasteners & Connectors, Fence Wire Insulators, Fence Wire Tensioners

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