Powerfields Coated Wire comes in 2 versions. Regular and POWERCOTE. Both are a higher visibility wire solution for horse fencing.


With a 1,350 lb break strength, Powerfield's Coated Wire is second only to our 12½ Gauge High-Tensile Wire by ~35 lbs. The protective coating makes it safer for horses and also increases the visibility. The coating is created with a patented process of "molecularly bonding" the coating to galvanized wire, is Long-Lasting with UV Stabilization, and is non-conductive. Available in Brown, Black, and White


Powerfields' POWERCOTE is an electrifiable coated wire. A highly conductive carbon compound is extruded with the polyethylene coating, allowing it to deliver an electric shock. Use for your whole fence, or along with Powerfields' non-conductive coated wire for a complete clean fence look while being another one of Powerfields' options for safe horse fencing. Available in Brown, Black, and White. All with Black stripes.


Both our Coated Wire and POWERCOTE use a patented procedure for attaching, joining, and tensioning all while being safe for horse and rider. There is no stripping, crimping, or notching needed, and the end result is a properly installed fence without any exposed wires. 


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  Name SKU Description Category Location Additional data
Coated Wire P-WTW
  • Made with 200 KSI, 12.5 gauge wire
  • Coated with UV-resistant polyethylene
  • Thirty-year manufacturers warranty
Coated Wire
Powercote - Electrifiable Coated Wire P-WSWH Coated Wire