All the necessary tools and pieces to put your electric fence together.
  • Switch to grid layout
  • Swtich to table layout
Wood post insulator for rope and wire with the screw molded into the thick polyethylene body.
ITEM #P-410-W or P-410-B
High strength corner and end post insulator for Hot Rope, Braid, Wire, Poly-Coat, Hot-Coat, and polywire.
ITEM #R-65-C4 or R-65-BC4
For Polywire and smaller diameter Electric Ropes.
ITEM #R-70-C4
Splicing rolls of polywire
ITEM #R-46-C4
Splicing ¼" electric rope
ITEM #R-47-C4
For splicing rolls of electric rope.
ITEM #R-49-C4
A high strength plastic ratchet tensioner for use on polywire and polytape up to 1" wide. No need to cut material to tension it, just slide it in and turn for tension.

Connects strands of ¼” rope or braid


Makes it easy to install ring insulators. Fits any standard ⅜” drill.