Polytape Hardware

Specific Hardware that will work best in finishing and adding functionality to your Polytape setup.
  • Switch to grid layout
  • Swtich to table layout
A high strength plastic ratchet tensioner for use on polywire and polytape up to 1" wide. No need to cut material to tension it, just slide it in and turn for tension.
SKU: R-39-C4
For joining rolls of ½" polytape or making repairs. It provides a positive electrical connection to insure good current flow. You should never tie knots in polytape to join rolls or make repairs as arching and reduced power will occur.
SKU: R-34-C4
Splice Buckle join rolls of polytape or repair torn polytape in minutes.
SKU: R2-40WC1
One way tensioner for end and gate posts
SKU: R2-50WC1
Two way tensioner for corners and tape gates
SKU: R-40-WC2 or R-40-BC2
Fits all 1½" polytape. The stainless steel...
SKU: R-50-WC2 or R-50-BC2
Used in corners, tape gates and...
SKU: R-12-W or R-12-B
Gate handle for 1½" Polytape.
SKU: R-24-C4
To join rolls or repair torn polytape.