Safe-Fence Hardware

Specific Hardware that will work best in finishing and adding functionality to your Rope / Polywire setup.
  • Switch to grid layout
  • Swtich to table layout
Fits all 1½" polytape. The stainless steel...
ITEM #R-40-WC2 or R-40-BC2
Used in corners, tape gates and...
ITEM #R-50-WC2 or R-50-BC2
To join rolls or repair torn polytape.
ITEM #R-24-C4
Screws used to install insulators on vinyl sleeves (S-16-C) and wood posts (W-16-C).
ITEM #S-16-C for Vinyl Sleeves or W-16-C for Wood posts
One way end tensioner with stanless steel gate hook plate for gate posts.
ITEM #R-41-WC1
Bolts to tensioner ring hook for a positive, easy to remove connection.
ITEM #R-79-C4
Gate handle for 1½" Polytape.
ITEM #R-12-W or R-12-B
Complete gate kit for 1½" Safe-Fence polytape.
ITEM #R-22-W or R-22-B