All the necessary tools and pieces to put your electric fence together.
  • Switch to grid layout
  • Swtich to table layout
SKU: R-50-WC2 or R-50-BC2
Used in corners, tape gates and...
SKU: R-12-W or R-12-B
Gate handle for 1½" Polytape.
SKU: R-24-C4
To join rolls or repair torn polytape.
SKU: R-79-C4
Bolts to tensioner ring hook for a positive, easy to remove connection.
SKU: R-22-W or R-22-B
Complete gate kit for 1½" Safe-Fence polytape.
SKU: R-41-WC1
One way end tensioner with stanless steel gate hook plate for gate posts.
SKU: R-14-W
24 foot spring gate with hardware.
SKU: R-14-W

Highly visible black and white electric bungy cord that expands from 8’ to 16’. 1 end has a heavy-duty gate handle. The other end has a sturdy pin-lock insulator.

SKU: R-13-B

A sturdy handle with an internal expansion spring, extra-large hook, and end flanges to reduce the risk of shock.