Fence Wire Tools

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4-Slot Crimping Tool P-TFFG

Crimps all sleeves from 8-12½ gauge to 14-16 gauge. 20¾” long.

Fence Wire Fasteners & Connectors
Spinning Jenny P-TSJA

4 adjustable arms, pivots on ground pin. Holds all coil sizes and has a built-in brake.

Fence Wire Tools
Chain Grab Puller P-TCHK

Designed with a long chain, improved wire grab, and hook. For smooth and coated wire.

Fence Wire Tools
Easy Wire Puller P-TWP

For terminating woven wire or tensioning slack strands.

Fence Wire Tools
Wire Roller P-TWR

Easily unspool and move rolls of wire along the fence line

Fence Wire Tools
High Tensile Wire Cutters P-HTC

Adjustable stop set with rubber insulated handle.

Fence Wire Tools
Multi-Purpose Fence Tool P-FT

Hardened steel, bright finish, and black insulated grip.

Fence Wire Tools
Wire Gripper P-TWG

Efficient and safe way to hold wire in place while stringing fence.

Fence Wire Tools
Barbed Wire Holder and Spinner P-TBWU

Easily hold and spin barbed wire with one hand while stringing the fence line.

Fence Wire Tools