Fence Energizer Accessories

Specific Hardware that will work for all your electric connections, for underground connections and gates.
  • Switch to grid layout
  • Swtich to table layout
  Name SKU Description Category Location Additional data
Wire Connector R-79-C4
Bolts to tensioner ring hook for a positive, easy to remove connection.
Safe-Fence Electric System
Rope-to-Rope Connector P-RR-1

Connects strands of ¼” rope or braid

Fence Energizer Accessories
Rope-to-Energizer Connector P-RC-1

Connects fence energizer to ¼” electric rope or braid.

Fence Energizer Accessories
Polytape-to-Energizer Power Connector P-9-1
Charger to Polytape Connector
Fence Energizer Accessories
Polytape-to-Polytape Connector P-9-2
Connects strands of Polytape together.
Fence Energizer Accessories
5-Light LED Voltage Tester - Wireless P-VT5LW

5-light fence tester. No ground probe needed. Tests up to 10,000 volts. Includes 9V battery.

Fence Energizer Accessories
Digital Voltmeter & 12-Volt Battery Tester P-VSXK

Fence tester with digital read out and Positive & Negative leads to test 12V battery. Batteries included.

Fence Energizer Accessories
Fault Finder & Voltmeter P-VPK

Shows voltage and current. Arrows save time by quickly leading you to faults. No ground probe needed. Batteries included.

Fence Energizer Accessories
110-Volt Power Adapter PF-110PA-1

Converts 110-volt AC power to 12-volt DC power for Powerfields AC/DC and DC convertible energizers.


Fence Energizer Accessories