0.5 Joule Solar 12 Volt DC Energizer

Category: Solar 12 Volt
SKU: PF-500-S12
Operates with an internal, rechargeable, 12-amp hour, 12-volt battery powered by a high-efficiency, 10-watt monocrystalline solar panel. Ensures maximum power transmission for a constantly strong charge. Powers up to 30 acres of multi-strand wire. 9,200 volts open line. 3,500 volts @ 500 ohms.
  • .5 Joules powered with a 12 volt, rechargeable, 12 ah battery
  • Integrated 10.0 watt monocrystaline solar panel 
  • 110 volt internal battery charger port. Power supply adapter included
  • Large on/off power button changes from green to red indicating battery power is low
  • Tough weather resistant ABS case with integrated T-post mount and side mounted power terminals
  • Includes fence and ground connection leads
CUSTOMER SUPPORT Installation Instructions
Troubleshooting: Fence is not hot.
The warranty includes failure due to remote lightning strikes, but excludes direct strikes to the fence energizer itself. 
The warranty period is 36 months from the date of original purchase. 12 months in-store exchange, 24 months repair.
Powerfields Fence Energizer Warranty
MAX ACRES 30 (Multi-Strand wire)
VOLTS @ 1000 OHMZ 5,300
VOLTS @ 500 OHMZ 3,500