Rope and Polywire Insulators

These Insulators are specifically made for Polywire/Rope, and some high tensile fence setups.
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  Name SKU Description Category Location Additional data
Rope Corner/End Lag Pulley R-65-C4 or R-65-BC4
High strength corner and end post insulator for Hot Rope, Braid, Wire, Poly-Coat, Hot-Coat, and polywire.
Rope and Polywire Hardware
Polywire Corner/End Lag Pulley R-70-C4
For Polywire and smaller diameter Electric Ropes.
Rope and Polywire Hardware
Double Hook for Wood Post P-DHW
Insulated double hook wood post gate anchor.
Gate Accessories
Double Hook for T-Post P-DHT
Insulated double hook t-post gate anchor.
Gate Accessories