The variety of POWERFIELDS insulators will make sure you have the right insulator for your electric fence setup. Made with impact resistant Polyethylene, they are made to resist weathering, making sure your fence setup not only holds up, but looks great as well.
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  Name SKU Description Category Location Additional data
Rope Corner/End Lag Pulley R-65-C4 or R-65-BC4
High strength corner and end post insulator for Hot Rope, Braid, Wire, Poly-Coat, Hot-Coat, and polywire.
Rope and Polywire Hardware
Polywire Corner/End Lag Pulley R-70-C4
For Polywire and smaller diameter Electric Ropes.
Rope and Polywire Hardware
2” Polytape End Tensioner R2-40WC1
One way tensioner for end and gate posts
Polytape Hardware
2” Polytape Corner Tensioner R2-50WC1
Two way tensioner for corners and tape gates
Polytape Hardware
Double "U" Insulator P-I46

Metal embedded in plastic for strength. Used on end and corner posts.

Fence Wire Insulators
Bull-Nose Insulator P-I4UW or P-I4UB

Fiberglass insulator is reinforced for added strength. Ideal for any end or corner application.

Fence Wire Insulators
High Strain Donut Insulator P-ILDW or P-ILD

A set of donuts bolted between strips can be tied to an anchor in a sharp dip to eliminate a dip post.

Fence Wire Insulators
50' Insultube P-G05

For 12½ gauge wire. Run wire under gates or install jumper wires.

Fence Wire Insulators
20" Wraparound Insulator P-I40-20

Easy-to-install end or corner insulator. Aluminum insert for strength.

Fence Wire Insulators