TITAN Farm and Ranch Post Driver, 4"

SKU: PGD3875

Powerful and portable light-duty driver. Easy to lift, move, and carry down the fence line. Drives posts in half the time of a manual driver. 4" barrel accepts posts up to 3⅞" in diameter. This is the only Titan Post Driver that accepts 3½" U-channel.

Includes 1", 2", and 3" adapter sleeves for driving posts, rods, or rebar smaller than 3" in diameter. Comes with tool kit for servicing and a protective storage case.

  • Weighs 50 pounds
  • 700-1,350 beats-per-minute
  • Powered by 1.3 horsepower, 4-stroke engine
  • 100% self-contained
  • Handles are designed for comfort
  • Simple recoil pull start with trigger throttle and integrated stop button

For larger-scale jobs (1,000+ posts), we recommend our commercial-grade units (PGD2000 or PGD3200)