Premium Polytape

Powerfields provides superior quality polytapes designed to accommodate a wide variety of livestock containment. They all carry a five year warranty against UV deterioration or manufacturing defects.

Produced with the highest quality, UV protected, polyethylene monofilament and long lasting 304 stainless steel wire Powerfields polytape materials are made to last at an affordable price.
  • 2 Inch Polytape - The strongest, high visibility, polytape available with 20 strands of .30mm stainless steel wire and 43 strands of .50mm monofilament.
    Recommended use: Arenas, round pens and exterior fence for hard to keep livestock. Due to the high strength caution should be taken if intended use includes foals.
  • 1 1/2 Inch Polytape - The economy version of Safe-Fence with 15 strands of .15mm stainless wire and 55 strands of .38mm monofilament.
    Recommended use: Exterior fence on low hazard properties, as site line on existing rigid fence or interior fencing.
  • 1 Inch Polytape - A less expensive option to wide tape with 8 strands of .20mm stainless wire and 44 strands of .38mm monofilament. Provides good visibility.
    Recommended use: Site line on existing rigid exterior fence or interior multi-strand fence.
  • 1/2 Inch Polytape - The inexpensive tape with reasonable visibility.
    Recommended use: Pasture separations and site line on existing fence.
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½", 5 wire white polytape.
ITEM #EW5-660 or EW5-1320
LENGTH OPTIONS660 or 1320 feet
1", 8 wire white polytape.
ITEM #EW10-660 or EW10-330
LENGTH OPTIONS330 or 660 feet
1½", 15 wire white polytape.
ITEM #EW15-330 or EW15-660
LENGTH OPTIONS330 or 660 feet
2" - 20 strand white polytape
ITEM #EW2-250 or EW2-500
LENGTH OPTIONS250 or 500 feet