Safe-Fence Electric System

Since 1990, with over 25,000 miles in use, Safe-Fence has been the #1 electric horse fence in America.

In the initial development of The Safe-fence Electric System, horse owners were asked what characteristics they considered to be most important in creating a great horse fence.

The most common answers were, in order of importance:

  • Safety - It must have a very low potential for injury.
    With a 750 pound break strength Safe-Fence tape is stronger than 2x6 board but will tear in cases of severe impact with little or no injury to the horse.
  • Expense – It should be fairly priced. 
    Safe-Fence cost far less than wood, vinyl or mesh without the severe injury potential of smooth or high-tensile wire products.
  • Easy to Install – Installation requires no special talent or tools.
    If a person can use a shovel, scissors, a hammer and a drill they can install Safe-Fence.
  • Appearance – It must be attractive.
    With the use of tee post and wood post sleeves Safe-Fence provides an aesthetic appearance comparable to painted board or expensive vinyl.
  • Longevity – It must last long enough to be a good value.
    Safe-Fence tape is produced with the finest UV stabilized polymers available. Safe-Fence carries a full 5 year warranty on hardware and an additional 15 years of coverage on the tape.
  • Switch to grid layout
  • Swtich to table layout

The original SAFE-FENCE 1½” wide polytape is specifically designed for stand-alone equine enclosures.

LENGTH OPTIONS 200 or 825 feet
Fits all 1½" webbing. The stainless steel...
ITEM # R-40-WC2 or R-40-BC2
Used in corners, tape gates and...
ITEM # R-50-WC2 or R-50-BC2
Wood Post insulator for polytape up to 2"
ITEM # R-16-W or R-16-B
T-post insulator for polytape up to 2"
ITEM # TP-25-W or TP-25-B
Cover for tops of T-Posts to prevent injury. Holds ½" to 1½" Polytape.
ITEM # R-4-W or R-4-B
Polytape insulator for round posts.
ITEM # RP-25
To join rolls or repair torn webbing.
ITEM # R-24-C4
Screws used to install insulators on vinyl sleeves (S-16-C) and wood posts (W-16-C).
ITEM # S-16-C for Vinyl Sleeves or W-16-C for Wood posts
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