Powercote - Electrifiable Coated Wire

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Powercote, while similar to our standard coated wire, has the addition of 3 strips of black carbon that extend from the wire core to the outer surface, allowing it to carry an electric charge. In terms of strength and visibility, this is the next logical step up from our Hot-Rope and Hot-Braid, and is perfect for permanent fixtures. Powercote is made with high-strength 200 KSI, 12½ gauge wire made right in the USA. With a total thickness of about 0.3", it ranks with the highest visible coated wires on the market, and makes an excellent sight wire for horse fence.
Due to its larger size, we recomend using coated wire with our Pin-Lock insulators, as well as the Corner Color. We also provide Insulation tubes for stapling. It can be pulled around one, possibly two corners, depending on length of run.
Powercote includes a 20-year limited manufacturer's warranty.

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