Warranty Terms & Conditions


36 months from the date of original purchase. 12 months in-store exchange. 24 months repair.


Powerfields Fence Energizers are warranted to be free from faulty workmanship or materials. The warranty includes failure due to remote lightning strikes but excludes direct strikes to the energizer itself.


This warranty will terminate should any of the following occur.

  1. The case is cracked, broken, or disfigured or the seal is broken, indicating that the unit has been opened by someone other than a Powerfields Fence Energizer designated repair technician.
  2. The plug-in cord on 110 units or the connection wires on battery units have been damaged or altered.
  3. The mail-in portion of the warranty card is not mailed within 30 days from the original purchase date. Please call 1-800-843-3702 to verify receipt of your warranty card.


In the event that your Powerfields Fence Energizer ceases to function, follow these instructions.

Check the power source with another appliance to ensure power is getting to your energizer.

Check that the connection wires to the fence and ground rods are clean. Check the fence line for dead shorts such as broken wire touching the earth or plant material touching the fence, which could short the energizer.

If no fault is found in the power supply or fence line within 12 months of purchase, return the energizer and your original receipt to the selling dealer for an in-store exchange. After 12 months call 1-800-843-3702 for an RMA # and return for repair.